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Fings wot I wrote

I have published three types of things: technical, non-technical, and music.


There have been a number of essays and papers, most of which are no longer available as they are very out of date. And there have been two books – both of them on computational linguistics – which are still available, and several chapters in one more.

1977 “PROTRAN – A generalized translation tool for natural and algo­rithmic lan­guages”, in Overcoming the Language Barrier, Verlag Dokumentation, Munich. Proceedings of the third European Con­gress on Information Sys­tems and Networks, EEC. ISBN 3-7940-5184-X. (Some information at

1979 “PROTRAN – An Introductory Description of a General Transla­tor”, in Practice in Software Adaption and Maintenance, Proceed­ings of the SAM workshop, Berlin, April 1979. North-Holland Publishing, 1980, ISBN 0-444-86449-5. (Overall critique at onlinelibrary.wiley with more information from

1982 “Translation by computer of open-ended responses” in Proceed­ings of the 35th annual ESOMAR congress, Vienna, 1982. Euro­pean Society for Opin­ion and Market Research, Amsterdam, 1982. ISBN 92-831-0082-4

1987 Computer Translation of Natural Language (with W. Goshawke and J. D. Wigg). Sigma Press, Wilmslow. ISBN 1-85058-056-1 (Availability  indicated at gettextbooks.)

1989 Progress in Machine Translation – Natural Language and Personal Comput­ers. Sigma Press, Wilmslow. ISBN 1-85058-156-8 (Availability indicated at gettextbooks.)

2000 C Unleashed (with Richard Heathfield, Gus Miklos et al.), MacMillan Publishing, USA. ISBN 0-672-31896-2. Three chapters on Arbi­trary Precision Arithmetic, Compiling Arithmetic Expressions and Natural Language Processing. (Widely available)

Still being written: Interstellar Travel – Per Ardua Ad Astra. A book of technical science fact, not science fiction, about how we could realistically achieve interstellar travel – that is, human travel between the stars, and not just within the solar system.

Still being written: A series of technical papers on light speed uncertainty, and the structure of the photon, with some analysis of the physical consequences of the analytic modifications being suggested, together with indications of some experimental verification (or falsification) that could be attempted. For a more detailed description see my pages on Heretical Science.


2002 A Lad in Knaphill & his Magic Lamp, Agrintha Books, Exeter. Pantomime script. Available from Lulu. (Aladdin).

2005 Cinderella and her Bearded Sisters, Agrintha Books, Exeter. Pantomime script. Available from Lulu. (Cinderella).

2007 Emerald Pie, Agrintha Books, Exeter, ISBN 978-0-9553399-1-2. A comic novel for children, originally written in 1981. Available from Lulu.

2007 The Carpenter’s Carpet, Agrintha Books, Exeter, ISBN 978-0-95533-993-6. A set of short teaching stories for children, drawn from the old traditions and religions of the world. Available from Lulu.

2009 Unremembered Future, Agrintha Books, Exeter, ISBN 978-0-9553399-4-3. A surrealist novel about language and science and how thoughts and dreams interweave. Available from Lulu.


2017 musidkk, IDKK Private Publications, Chobham, ISBN 978-1-9997226-0-9. Orchestral, chamber and vocal music written, up to 2017. Available from Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu..

2020 musidkk2, IDKK Private Publications, Chobham, ISBN 978-1-9997226-1-6. Vocal arrangements, and some works for male voice quintet. Available from Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.