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Friends and Influences


There are many I have met and who have helped me, and given me happiness.

I have had to omit many names – my numerous friends at church, the many lovely people in Chobham, where I live, and all my Talossan friends too. I know that I am also going to forget some names – my apologies to those I have accidentally left out: the errors and omissions are all my own.

But at the very least I have to thank for (variously) their ideas, their support, their teaching, their examples, their criti­cisms (some slight, some deep), their friendship and their love [names in alphabetic order by surname]: Shaheen Aziz Ahmed [who, many years ago, tried to teach me schol­arship, art-apprecia­tion, and Urdu]; “Russell”: J. W. R. Anderson [Rux0r]; Profes­sor Archbold (UCL) [the first person ever to call me “Mr. Kelly”, and a masterly teacher of alge­bra]; Marcella Arnow [charming friend and intellectually focused work-mate: the most English American you can imagine]; Peter Bacon [charming Christian wit with, I believe, a frog named after him]; Grace Barr; James Barr [perfect gentleman, and devout Christian]; Mr. L. Berkeley [inspired teacher of history, lovingly known to generations of pupils as Buffalo Bill]; Allan Bouchard; Judith Bouchard; Pamela Bourne; David Brooks [whose twenty-first birthday party was a turning point in my life]; Dr. Rudranath Capildeo [politician, mathematician, polymath, who in just a few words encouraged me to look upwards, and be my real self]; Martyn Catlow [who quietly taught me the true meaning of the word courage]; Jenny Clayton; Peter Clayton, Roger Clayton; Gerald Cole [who, by example, taught me to love language]; Jean Coward; John Coward; Mabel Cowley; Ian R. Dale; Irene Dale; Carol Duval [ah, Carol – can we ever understand all the poems in the world?]; Rick Duval; Alan Earnshaw [yes, it’s kinetic energy – not momentum – sigh]; Allan Freeman; James Geard; Barry Griffin [master of both logic and meditation]; Walter Goshawke [Ac­cipiter Gentilis]; Sheila Grubb/Motivala; Elizabeth Gurd; Steve Gurd; Cathie Hartigan [glad2b]; Richard Heathfield [C_Dreamer: who has an unfairly large share of intellect and wit – well, I think it’s unfair – is unequalled in the clarity of his writing, charming and genuine in his politeness, a fine Christian exemplar – and incredibly hairy]; Emma Hibling [who thinks faster and better than any computer ever invented – and plays Go with vicious skill]; Paul Humphreys [logic cuts fine, Paul, and you taught me that even deep differences in opinion need not damage friendship]; Allan Jupp; Dmitriy V. Kokiyelov [whose jokes I dare not use]; Susan Lake [who taught me complete honesty of thought and feeling]; John Latham [John, I wish I had your skills in study and business organization, and your firm faith]; Rachel Latham; Veronica Lawson [who finally convinced me that language translation is difficult, and we often ignore its complexities]; Paul Lewis [who thinks differently]; Des Maisey [who was a hard taskmaster in Systems Programming – thank you, Des]; Raphael Mankin [colleague and college friend who taught me more about computing (and Hebrew and Judo and horse-riding and recorder-playing and… insert long list here) than I thought it was possible for me to know]; Ann Marsden; David Marsden; Dr. Margaret Masterman; Rev. Caryl Micklem [Reverend and musician, who always made an inspired choice of musical notes (even though organists don’t like playing tunes in the key of D-flat), and the perfect choice of contemplative words]; Romilly Micklem; Timothy Morgan; Nick Oborski; Sandra Oborski; Alan Pool; Rowena Poppe; Peter Priechenfried; George Purvis; Alan Rabjohn; Rajan Harishankar; Sanjeev Richarya; Paul Schooling [dear friend and unforgiving logician, who struggled to teach me discipline of thought – poor pupil that I am!]; Jane Skinner; Noel Skinner; Coco Smith; Phil Smith; Tony Spooner [R. E. Noopsca]; Edmund Stephen-Smith [ESS]; Tom Stockwell [brilliant teacher of physics and scientific method: alas, I have forgotten much of both]; Roy Talbot; Poh-Teen Tang; Tim Upton; Vince West; David Wigg; Tom Wil­son [wonderful teacher of mathematics, musician, and gentleman]; Andy G. M. Wood [AGMW] (not “Woods” – there’s only one of him).

And [non-alphabetically] my dear family: our fantastic children Benjamin and Miranda, with Jamie and Kevin – and grandsons Sonny and Fionn; and my wonderful, wonderful parents, Percy and Vera, whom I can never thank enough. (Some family pictures.)

And above all of these my patient, beautiful, charming, irreplaceable wife Gay.
How do you put up with me, Gizzie? I am thrilled that you do.